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On November 24, 2015
Last modified:December 14, 2015


Grammarly is available for free trial of 30 months. Afterward, it costs $29/month. You can get 40% Special Discount on Grammarly now.


  • Defeats human proofreaders in accuracy, teaching grammar rules and ease of use
  • An extra line of defense for the authors
  • Ideal for those who are non-native English writers and speakers


  • Cannot replace a human proofreader when it comes to giving feedback
  • Affording $29.99/month may not make sense for some writers


Do you know all the basics of grammar? Are you sure everything you are writing is easy to read and is error-free? Would it be nice if you had a tool that can proofread everything you write?

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Admit it….

Silly grammar mistakes and typos are really embarrassing.

A good news is that I’ve found a grammar and plagiarism checker, Grammarly, which can proofread your eBook chapters, articles and blog posts.

Grammarly Review

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After using Grammarly free trial for 30 days, I am giving my honest Grammarly review to explain how it will be helpful to you to check your typos and grammar online. For those wannabe writers who are aspiring to become great authors in future, this Grammar, and Punctuation Checker is really worth it.


Grammarly is available for free trial of 30 months. Afterward, it costs $29/month. You can get 40% Special Discount on Grammarly now. The premium version is also available to catch more grammar errors in the document and provides more in-depth details in each error. For annual and quarterly subscriptions, you can avail yourself with Grammarly Black Friday Discount through Grammarly coupon or promo code.

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Is Grammarly Easy to Use?

Here comes another surprise for you….

The user interface of Grammarly is mostly like Google Docs. So, I can say, without a doubt, that it is much familiar. All you need to login to this Punctuation Checker on your web browser.

On the dashboard, a new document will be opened and you can start writing. You can also paste your content into the new document of Grammarly for Online Grammar Check. It will analyze and underline all the grammar mistakes after a couple of seconds. It will provide the in-depth info about why that particular sentence or phrase is wrong. You can also install a plugin for MS Word or an extension on the browser.

Here’s How Grammarly Works

All you need to click on the error. This grammar checker will explain to you exactly what’s wrong with the sentence. It analyzes the solutions and explains what your mistake is. This way, Grammarly helped me to find out –

  • Wordy Sentences
  • Confused Prepositions
  • Heavy use of passive voice

It helped me to improve my grammar:

I used this tool on several articles and found out that I had a bad habit of using too many passive voices and using prepositions at the end of every sentence. Though I felt guilty but it helped me to improve my writing skills and understand my bad habits clearly. A word comes with an inbuilt grammar checker, but it cannot help you so deeply.

Other Benefits for Authors

The best part is that Grammarly does support different types of documents. Each document can be identified as an article, blog post or a business document. As a writer, I couldn’t find any major difference between various types of documents. But it is Grammarly which identified different informal and formal phrases for different types of documents.

It also features an inbuilt plagiarism checker which is really useful to review the peer’s work and to write the academic documents. So, keep this feature turned on to keep track on your mistakes.

Grammarly or Manual Proofreading

Now you are wondering –

Can a software program replace manual proofreading we have been doing for decades?

Here, human proofreaders win!!

What I found is that it is easy to manipulate Grammarly, as it ignored different mistakes on my fiction, which is tougher to understand as compared to non-fiction. It cannot provide the feedback or context that we get from a human proofreader.

Who Should Invest in Grammarly?

If you don’t write in English more often or if you don’t have a good grasp in English, you can invest in a good grammar checker like Grammarly. You can check for spelling, grammar, and your punctuation mistakes instantly.

But you still have to learn the basics of English Grammar. Grammarly is useful even if English is the first language of yours. It can teach you some of the important facts of grammar you should know. It works as a layer of protection that can be used to ensure that all the blog posts, articles and books you have served are easy to read and accurate.


You can give this grammar checker a try at least once, and decide if you buy this upgrade. I am working on different eBooks and paid articles. So, I took a subscription for 3 months. I’ve always wanted an additional safety of digital eyes on my creations. Though it is not “important” for all writers, it is pretty useful.

Grammarly is available for free trial of 30 months. Afterward, it costs $29/month. You can get 40% Special Discount on Grammarly now.