Google Quality Update: What to Know About this Mobile-Friendly Update?

Google unleashed a whole new mobile-friendly update on April 21, 2015, this year on the web. Most entrepreneurs and businesses had enough time to take proper measures in reaction. There have been plenty of rumors regarding the flagship “Phantom” update which was applied by the beginning of May. Some have been considering it as “Phantom Update”.

Google Quality Update

Well, this most awaited Google algorithm update is actually a Google Quality Update. How Google checks the quality is quite a mystery. But it is sure that it is looking forward to providing best possible information to the users. With an SEO-friendly website and quality content, you can keep on ranking and your site will get high traffic.

The Impact of Google s Recent Quality Score Update

Was Phantom 3 a New Core Ranking Update to Its Algorithm?

On November 19, 2015, the update was not confirmed by Google but there are still a lot of evidence that show that Phantom 3 was a Quality Update. Was it another Phantom update? In this belief, the markets of search engine optimization are buzzing.

Buzz on Unconfirmed News

There was an unconfirmed report about the update. According to John Mueller from Google, the company hasn’t announced anything, though it makes plenty of changes on its algorithm every year. It may not be a possible Google Penguin or Google Panda update. According to him, if it was so, Google has usually announced them. It could be the change to their algorithm.

What about Google Quality Update and Phantom?

Around 2 weeks after the announcement, Google released Quality Update and nobody really knew what it was. It was titled as Phantom Update. On May 2015, Google released another update – Phantom 2. It was the same part of algorithm shifted from Phantom 1 to Phantom 2. Eventually, Google confirmed that the “Quality Update” was Phantom 2. And there are some who started calling it Phantom 3. Both provide details about how the sites were affected and theories about why it was so. It is confirmed that the latest update is focused on quality while giving the feel that Phantom 3 is actually Google’s Quality Update 2.

Google Update is All about Content

Content is actually what is most talked about. It is a mobile-friendly update which is good for all. The major center of attraction here is content. You don’t have to look on anything else. This is something which is important for search ranks. In the latest update, the overall effort to increase page ranks is entirely based on quality content. If a low quality content is found on your site by Google, your whole website will be demoted. You may find a significant decline in natural traffic if a low-quality content is seen on it. So, it is recommended to provide proper information to the users and clear all of their doubts.

Duplicate Content is another Red Flag

With the improved focus on quality, Google will also find out duplicate content which is not more important than quality and accuracy of content. In the recent hype in the visibility of SEO-friendly websites, it is yet another shift. If the content is presented well, accurate and fulfills the demand of users, duplicate content is not a big issue. You may use it only if it is very important to enhance user experience. Or else, stay away from it.

Using Brand Keywords

In the recent quality guidelines, Google also targets the huge decline in the ranks of websites which only use brand keywords, instead of providing useful insight about such brands and allow them to buy these brands directly. For example, if a website contains several brand keywords for Long Tail Pro V3, users might want to visit the site to get more information about these products or buy them. If you land them to third-party websites, it will affect the user experience. So, it is wise to use brand keywords only when you want to sell such products or to provide more information on them.