Genuine tips on making your site Faster

How to increase speed of your site

Want to make your site lightning fast? Yeah, Of course, everyone wants their sites fastest because of some perfect reasons like Rankings in google, User experience and much more.

But do you know the effective techniques to make your site much faster? If not, This article is for you only. In this article I am going to show you how exactly you can increase the speed of your site to rank higher in google and give your visitors the best experience so that they visit your site again and again.

There are some methods that help me to increase the speed of my site. let us start with the first one.

1. Compress Images before and after uploading

So, You might be thinking that I am giving normal tips that others give too but I have something unique for you. Others might be sharing some shitty tools to compress the image size but I am going to share the tool that I am using since many months that will help you to compress the image size without decreasing the quality a bit!

Quality will be the exact same. And the name of the tool is You just have to upload the image and it will decrease the image size by half or more than half.

To get the proof that the image quality is not decreased, will show you one slider in which one image will be compressed and another will be the original image. You can compare both of them side by side.

So, this is what you can do before uploading image to WordPress to compress it. Now, After uploading it to WordPress, you can still decrease the size of the image by installing Smush it plugin in WordPress. it is completely free and it is very much effective.

2. Lazy Load

Lazy load is the smart way to increase the speed of the page. For example, you have one article having 10 images in it. If you will activate Lazy load on your WordPress, when the article will be loaded by the user, All 10 images will not be loaded together. It will be loaded turn by turn according to the current position of the user on the page.

Once user will reach the area in which image is there, Image will be loaded. Till then, Image will not be loaded. It will speed up your site a lot!

You can search WordPress for this plugin. It is very much effective and useful.

3. Remove Unwanted plugins and Scripts

So, how you can know that which script is unwanted and which is not? You can open up the Pingdom and check the speed of your site. Below the results, you will see the Waterfall of the requests and they are actually the files that are being loaded when users open the site.

You can see that which file is not needed while opening the site and then you can remove it so that it will not be loaded when user will open the site to increase the loading time of your site.

4. Use CDN (Content delivery network)

Most content delivery networks are paid but some of them are free too! For example, you can use Cloudflare to minify the scripts while loading it on the user’s PC to save the time. It will also protect your site from reverse IP lookup.

By using Cloudflare, you can also save your other blogs that you don’t want others to know. The Content delivery network is the best way to kick your site’s loading time.

5. Bonus

Your hosting provider is most important when it comes to speed of the site. If the servers of your hosting providers are great then the speed of your site will be higher. If they are not, your site will be slow even after using the above given 4 techniques.

I personally use Interserver as host because they are providing Web hosting since 16 years and they are really great. I have 2 web hosting accounts and 1 VPS in Interserver. If you want to purchase Web hosting or VPS from Interserver, you can use this coupon code.

If you have any question regarding this topic, you can ask me in the comments and I am here to solve them!